Foundation On the Way(s) To School  was founded by Pascal Plisson, the film’s director, and Barthelemy Fougea, its producer.
Since the film’s release in cinemas September 25, 2013, more than a million spectators were touched by the tremendous desire to learn of four children for whom education is a promise of freedom. The adventure continues with a documentary series for television Ways to School.
With this in mind, we decided to create the Foundation On the Way(s) to School  in order to help children who, like Jackson, Carlito, Samuel and Zahira need support to access education.

The Foundation’s visions and missions

  • Establish sponsorships for children of the film and of the series, which will enable them to continue their education in the best possible conditions and in the long term.
  • Provide support to communities by partnering with local actors working to capacity building and empowerment of communities and, thus, education of children.
  • Making raising awareness among the general public by offering audiovisual and digital learning tools to develop skills demonstrated by the hero of the film and the series of solidarity, taking initiative, courage and determination


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