Honorary President:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to be part of your team and take part in your wonderful adventure.   Together we will persevere in our efforts to support these tenacious and courageous children on their path towards knowledge.”





“For us, this project has always been about far more than just making a film. It is a human adventure, that, thanks to our Association, can go on developing and offering children the promise of a better future.”





Honorary President:

“I was transported by this film.   I will never forget this story.   I hope to show the public that there are other kinds of reality, and that access to knowledge is fundamental to every child in the world.   In France we have the good fortune to have schools just down the street, but this is far from being the case everywhere. This is the message I would like to get across. One that is lit with the light of hope and the energy that these children bring.”





“The success of our efforts for our young heros encourages us each and every day to go yet further and to join the efforts and energy of all in this wonderful adventure.   I am so lucky to be taking part!”




Project Head:

“What motivates me above all are the values that the Association defends.   One does not choose to be part of the voluntary sector by chance!   I find very stimulating the good will and determination of all those who are helping us to help these children study. Humanity, solidarity, sharing, exchange:   those are the values that motivate my involvement. Supporting education is the mainstay of the future.”






Daisy G Nichols

Honorary President

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wonderful adventure and your team.

Together we will persevere in our actions to accompany these resistant and courageous children, on the Way of Knowledge

Barthélémy Fougea


« This project goes way beyond the confines of making a documentary for us. It is above all a human experience and thanks to our foundation we are now empowered to help these children build a better future »


Barthélémy Fougea was born in Paris in 1962. He has been a Producer, Executive producer and Production director on more than thirty documentary films and docudramas for television and cinema.

Barthelemy Fougea has produced a prolific amount of high quality documentary films for television and cinema over the past 25 years. From the documentary collection « Passions d’enfants » to « Sacre de l’Homme », to « L’Odyssée de l’espèce », and « Hanuman », millions of spectators from around the world have seen these films.

In 2013, he produced «On the way to school » which gathered 1,3 millions of spectators in France alone and won the Cesarfor best documentary film of 2014.


Pascal Plisson

Honorary President

« This film moved me deeply. I will never forget the beautiful adventure of making this film. My dream is to show a larger public that there are many realities and that access to knowledge is the fundamental right of every child around the world. In France, we are fortunate to have a school on every street corner, but this is far from the reality of many people around the globe. The hope and energy these children give us is a very strong message.

This is why we created Way(s) To School Foundation, to help every child to reach his or her potential, whether they live in the furthest corner of the outback, the most remote mountains, or here in our very own cities. The more challenging the environment is the more motivated children are. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of these huge reservoirs of talent. We will all be enriched if we only give them a chance.  »


Pascal Plisson is a self-taught director who began his career in 1984 directing reportages (specifically sports reportages on Polo) for various television stations in the Americas. In 1994, he turned to 16mm film and began a specialization in documentaries on men living in extreme conditions: Les Routiers de Sibérie, Sibérie terre de la soif, Australie 50° de solitude…

In 1997, he moved to Africa where he specialized in documentaries on the African Continent. He lived in Kenya and Tanzania, directing for National Geographic, BBC and Canal +.

In 2003, He became well known to the general public by directing his first full-lenght film on the Massai Warriors. Pascal Plisson built a very close relationship with the Massai warriors as he often employed them to find and corral the animals he would film in his wildlife documentaries. . His first full-length feature film was well received by critics.

Eight years later Pascal Plisson won critical acclaim with the documentary film « On the way to school », unanimously winning the praise of critics and the hearts of nearly two million spectators worldwide.”On the Way to School” was recently awarded the Cesar for Best Documentary in France.

Anne Marie Ader


The success of our actions with our little heroes encourages us every day to go even more law and to enlist the energies of all in this great adventure.

What a chance for me to participate!

Isabelle Delmas

Project Manager

My first motivation is the values defended by the association. We do not choose the voluntary sector by chance!

I find stimulating the mobilization of good will of all those who help us to accompany her children to education.

Humanism, solidarity, sharing, exchange: these are the values that motivate my commitment.

Supporting education is a challenge to build the future.

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