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  • 35 599 000 inhabitants
  • 9% of the population lives below the poverty line (source : World Bank)
  • Number of deaths per child under 5 years old for 1000 births : 31 (source : UNESCO).


  • 44% of adults ( that is to say persons more than 15 years old) are illiterate, of which 66% are women ( source : UNESCO)
  • Illiteracy rate of young persons is at 20% (13% for young boys and 28% for young girls) which reveals the low quality of education and that girls suffer from inequality, especially in rural areas (source : UIS).
  • Morocco gives almost 6% of its GDP to education ; education budget represents 26% of the national budget. Funding plans focus essentially on primary and secondary education (source : UIS).


  • 134 000 children in Morocco do not have access to primary education. These children are for the most part from rural areas of extreme poverty.
  • Rural areas have to face major difficulties : schools are poorly equipped, distance represents an obstacle for many teachers ( as a result : teachers in rural areas are usually young with no professional experience)
  • 56% of primary school chidren who are not sent to school are girls.
  • The difference between girls and boys increases in secondary education : 90% of boys are sent to the first year of secondary education ( which corresponds to the first year of junior high school in France), and only 73% of girls have the same opportunity.
  • Language establishes an obstacle to education and restrains the Berber children’s learning process (the official teaching language is arab)

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