“Small streams make big rivers” : as the proverb goes.

Each donation makes a difference, each penny makes a world of fundamental change.

No matter how big or small the amount, you will forever transform a child’s life.


Make a Donation

You will be part of giving them the tools towards becoming independent, self-confident and free.

Most of all you will be helping them to pave the path towards the greatest gift there is, access to education.

After all, children are the future.


What will my donation go towards ?

These scholarships include but are not limited to the financial support of all educational fees, school books and school supplies,  private lessons if standard levels are not met/Remedial courses, boarding fees, uniforms and/or new clothing, shoes, canteen/Daily meals (studies have proven that children have a very hard time learning and concentrating on an empty stomach


By giving to our association which is recognized under the law of 1901 as being of public interest, you can request a receipt for tax purposes which will allow you to claim a 66% tax deduction on your donation.

Therefore if  you wished to give 10 €, you could give 30 € and be reimbursed 20 €.  


Would you like to join us in changing a child’s life on the path towards education?

Make a Donation

Does one not say and believe that :

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give. Ben Carson”

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