1st Axis: Scholarship Programs

These scholarships are defined according to the needs of the children and this with the help of our local relays and cover:

– scholarship fees,

– accommodation costs (home or rental),

– canteen expenses,

– the purchase of school supplies, uniforms,

– tutoring courses

– extra activities (sports, theater etc.)

– medical visits

– transport costs


A budget for each school year is defined and a partnership agreement is established for the establishment of the scholarship. Our associative local liaison ensures the follow-up of on-site operations, the financial management of the funds allocated and sends us the relevant documents and invoices accompanied by an evaluation of this action and this every quarter (transcripts, photographs, letters, testimonies of professors , etc.)


2nd Axis: Support for projects in children’s communities

To act on the brakes of education, the “On the Way of the School” Foundation accompanies the populations in their educational projects.

And because our partners are closest to the field and with the communities themselves, we involve local actors that revolve around education: parents, teachers, associations, etc.

Supporting those who work to empower and empower communities and, by the same token, to educate children.

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