What if the ways that lead to school was brought to the screen ? It was an ambitious yet successful gamble. “On the Way to School” directed by Pascal Plisson and produced by Barthélemey Fougea illustrates the incredible and true stories of four children, true heros. Zahira in Morocco, Jackson in Kenya, Carlos in Argentina, and Samuel in India each experience countless challenges everyday, sometimes at the risk of their lives, to get to school.

To have access to education, which is the key to a better future, Jackson has to walk 15 kilometers in the middle of the savanna amongst the wild animals, Zahira crosses the Atlas mountains of Morocco, Samuel, in a wheel chair, travels 4 kilometers of sandy roads, rivers and palm groves with the help of his two young brothers and finally Carlito rides several hours on his horse through the craggy landscapes of Patagonia to reach his school 18 kilometers from home.

Each of them takes on this daily battle for knowledge because they know that it is their only chance for a better life. It is for them an opportunity to acquire an education and the knowledge that will make their dreams come true, enabling them to escape poverty and build a better life than their parents.

These children make their way to school in front of the camera just as they do every day, none of the scenes are invented nor scripted. These four children are true heros. Their way to school is an adventure and a true emotional story. To them, this is no tour de force, it is just their reality. They are brave and determined to go to school to acquire knowledge. Encouraged by their families, the children in this movie demonstrate their willingness to move mountains to receive an education.


In coproduction with: WINDS – YMAGIS – HERODIADE
With the participation of: OCS and FRANCE 5
In partnership with: l’UNESCO and AIDE ET ACTION
Directed by: Pascal PLISSON
Produced by: Barthélémy FOUGEA
Executive Producer: Stéphanie SCHORTER
Image: Simon WATEL
Film editing: Sarah ANDERSON and Sylvie LAGER
Sound: Emmanuel GUIONET
Music: Laurent FERLET
Photography: Emmanuel GUIONET
Screenplay: Marie-Claire JAVOY and Pascal PLISSON

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