Olivier avec un nouveau cartable

Francklin et Olivier : un grand merci à leur Parrain et Marraine et aux Enfants du Soleil

Pour la deuxième année, en partenariat avec l’association Les Enfants du Soleil à Madagascar, et grace au soutien indéfectible de Mr et Mme De Leo, parrain et marraine de Francklyn et Olivier, nous avons pu renouveler la bourse scolaire et l’aide à leur communauté. L’association Les Enfants du Soleil a mis en place un programme […]


Des nouvelles de Cho, au Vietnam

CHO a aujourd’hui 14 ans. Elle est en 3ème et est pensionnaire de l’internat de son collège situé dans le centre du district de Meo Vac, dans la province de Ha Giang. Ses résultats scolaires sont bons, en particulier en mathématique. Le week-end, CHO et sa meilleure amie SAY se détendent en regardant à la […]

Devi Expressions in watching film © Plan International

Une bibliothèque pour l’école de DEVI

Lorsque nous avions rencontré DEVI en Mars 2014, elle avait 13 ans. Toujours prête à parcourir des kilomètres à travers plaines et bras de mer pour atteinte son école à Kusumpuram, DEVI est cette année en classe 10 (équivalent de la seconde) à l’école publique située à 2km de son village. 248 élèves – 112 […]


Des fournitures scolaires pour les Jeunes Filles à Asni, au Maroc

Merci aux généreux employés de Disney qui ont offert des fournitures scolaires aux Jeunes Filles du foyer d’Asni. Gratitude Association RIM Saida, Fatima, Aicha, Nadia, Soukayma, Meryem, Mina vous remercient du fond du coeur ! @THE DISNEY WISH PROGRAM Action Citoyenne – Citizenship


A new girl’s home in Morocco !

RIM Association created the first girls’ home in Asni, enabling Zahira and other girls living in distant douars to continue their schooling in college and high school. Wafa Skalli, president of RIM, had told us of an interview she had with Zahira: the question “what more could you do for you?” Her response had moved us: […]


Samuel, Easy Rider ?

You most certainly remember SAMUEL in his wheelchair who, helped by his two younger brothers, was going through a chaotic path to his school. One of his dreams: to be more autonomous is near to realize! Thanks to the ingenuity of a mechanic, who will transform a scooter into a three-wheeled vehicle, SAMUEL will enjoy […]


New pictures of Youssef !

Youssef -who will celebrate its 15th anniversary in a few days- still live in Area C of the occupied West Bank, in the rocky desert of Wadi Abu Hindi. Always accompanied by his donkey on the Way of the School, Youssef continued his schooling. He clings to the school as the promise of a better […]

basse def

Back to school season for YOUSSEF in West Bank !

We are pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership with the Association EDUCAID allowing YOUSSEF receive a scholarship! In the list of needs YOUSSEF (medical, food, school fees, English lessons, uniforms and shoes) we have not forgotten his companion, Donkey: a good ration of cereals for him! YOUSSEF, young Palestinian Bedouin of 15, […]

IMG_0390 bis

You certainly do not forget Samuel’s smile !

Samuel is actualy 16 years old! Supported by his brothers, Emmanuel and Gabriel, and his mom Esther, he continued his studies at the Higher Secondary School Peiyatattinam. All teachers agree that Samuel is a highly intelligent student and that he works very well. His needs are many because of his disability: move autonomously, need the help of […]

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Carlito and Micaela : good news from Argentina !

The school year begins in December in Argentina and the first quarter results are encouraging both for Carlito as Micaela. Congratulations kids!  

Cho's portrait ∏ Plan International

News of CHO in Vietnam!

CHO is studying in 7th grade (equivalent to 2nd year of high school) at the boarding school of Meo Vac district. She remains to school the week and come home during the weekend. This is an excellent student! Ms. Luong Tam, her teacher said that she is a “model student, a leader, loved by everyone in her […]

Les 2 garcons apres bourse

Franklyn and Olivier had a Godfather and a Godmother !

What a beautiful encounter ! Earlier this year, Mr and Mrs LEO have contacted our Association. Very affected by the episode of the Way of the School of Franklyn and Olivier, they have expressed a strong desire to support the childrens. We contacted them, and in all transparency, the detailed budget of the costs of their education […]

Zahira et ses amies

Zahira, some very good news !

Zahira lives at home Young Women Tigmi Nisti in the valley of Imlil Asni, with her two friends Zineb and Noura. Her little sister – Aziza is also resident. The action of Zahira is a dignified ambassador for education: all over the valley, she encourages girls to join her to continue their studies. This framework […]

JACKSON - copie

Jackson talks about education

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