Those are the introductory words to the documentary film “On the Way to School”  (‘Sur le Chemin de l’Ecole”).

The film

The film recounts the challenging journeys traveled by four children, driven by an unshakeable and profound conviction and thurst for education, their drive and purpose. “On the Way to School” had been realized in 2013. It proved a great success and was awarded the César award (The French equivalent of an Oscar) for best documentary. So it seemed simply organic and natural further the process, adventure and learning curve by sharing this success with the brave children who took part in the film, and furthermore, support them in their struggle to be consistently educated by creating and implementing yearly scholarships for them and all the 34 children.

“On the Way to School”

“L’Association Sur le Chemin de l’Ecole” – “On the Way to School” was founded with the objective of granting Scholarships in order for these children to continue their studies, and help their communities in great need and especially to continue to nourish and encourage their will of access to education. Jackson and Salomé received uniforms and school bags. We donated a wheelchair for Samuel. We set up a hostel for young girls closer to her school for Zahira. We also set up libraries in the schools and after school support classes.

Over the next three years, Winds produced and filmed 26 made for television documentary episodes that portraid the extraordinary stories of many other intrepid and fearless children who climbed mountains and crossed swamps in order to get to school. It was literally an around the world trip of roads to school adventure.

Faced with requests from French schools to screen these films, and to organize discussions about how lucky we are to have a great ease of access to education here in France, the Association also added a campaign of public awareness on access to school.

The children who are part
of our grant family

We currently follow 34 children all around the four corners of the globe who all share the same thirst for knowledge. Our first youngsters were Jackson, Zahira, Carlito and Samuel, but you will be amazed to read all the other new stories we have written about.


‘On the Way to University’

We are facing  a new challenge, since the curriculums and demands for financing are increasingly ambitious and our first university students are challenging us to expand. The children’s university studies are far more expensive than their previous schooling, and we are committed to several years’ of financial support for them.

Children in need
of new grants or scholarships :

Our goal is to support at least 5 new children each year.

New programs
to aid community development

We are extremely aware that certain social conditions exist which stop children from going to school.  Therefore, classes allowing them to can catch up on their studies, and support for school canteens are often the way to ensure that children and their families do not miss out on schooling.

Actions implemented in France

Over 30 projects were set up tied in with our film to raise awareness and ensure mutual help at a local level. It is up to you to create your own project, using our teaching kit: one which will allow you to develop a critical mind, a tolerant attitude, and a knowledge and appreciation of the geography and many other aspects of other countries and cultures.

Contact us

To request our teaching kit, or to talk to us about our projects, or to get information.

Donations:  An easy way to an invaluable change in the children’s lives

“Small streams create great rivers”

Giving comes from the heart. It doesn’t matter how large or small your donation is, everyone can help to change our world at its level.

Your gift will go towards school grants/Scholarships to cover the following needs/expenses:

School and university fees, school equipment, books, support classes, boarding, uniforms, canteens, transport, lodging, medical visits, school breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.

In addition to the above, your donation might help buy shoes for the children, or go towards putting up solar panels to generate electricity for the schools, or to build libraries.  It might also go towards buying a bicycle to cut down the amount of travel time to school, or it could go towards running the canteen. Learning on an empty stomach is not an option nor possible…

You can claim back tax

reclaim tax back

By giving to an association recognized as such under the law of 1901, you can request a receipt that will allow you to benefit from a 66% tax discount on your donation.

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Furthermore, this system has an ethical charter and values that we share.  Check out their mission statement by clicking on this link.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make it out to “SUR LE CHEMIN DE L’ECOLE”, and send it to:  l’Association Sur le chemin de l’ecole, 26, boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris.

Respecting your privacy

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We guarantee that we will not sell, nor hire out nor exchange any of your personal details.  You can complete our forms in total confidence.

You can read our page on the protection of personal data by clicking here. This is in French, but you can translate it using online tools.


We will keep you up to date with the children’s progress through school and the major events in their lives. Our newsletter will have some terrific stories to tell.

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