We are pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership with the Association EDUCAID allowing YOUSSEF receive a scholarship!

In the list of needs YOUSSEF (medical, food, school fees, English lessons, uniforms and shoes) we have not forgotten his companion, Donkey: a good ration of cereals for him!

YOUSSEF, young Palestinian Bedouin of 15, lives with his family in Area C of the occupied territories under Israeli control in the West Bank.

He lives in the rocky desert of Wadi Abu Hindi, surrounded by three brothers and three sisters, the largest is 18 years old and the youngest was 1.5 years.

YOUSSEF‘s parents are aware that the world has changed. The hope is elsewhere now. They are betting on instruction to give their children a different future. Send them to study is the only key adaptation to this young generation. His father, however, trusted him to cultivate the qualities of Bedouin hospitality, honor, courage.

We wish YOUSSEF a good season!